Rebreather Diver


Rebreather diver course – You will learn to manage the rebreather with precision in all its aspects, with particular attention to the management of PO2 and trim, so as to be able to enjoy the great freedom that these machines provide in complete safety.

Duration: 6 days

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The course is divided into theoretical lessons, preparation and maintenance of the machine, dry exercises, dives in confined water, 8 training dives in open water, the last 2 will be experience dives.

Gases used: air, nitrox and helitrox.

The student-instructor ratio is 3:1.

The exercises in the water are all videos taken to enhance learning.

Decompression dives and obstructed environments (caves or wrecks) are excluded.


  • 21 years of age
  • nitrox patent
  • minimum 125 dives
  • swim at least 400 meters in 15 minutes
  • perform a rescue maneuver for a diver suffering from oxygen toxicity
  • know how to use a decompression tank

Included in the price


6 days of full day course are included (+ 1 spare day for bad weather or revision of exercises), pdf teaching materials and online manuals, video footage


All dives included in the course, didactic and experience, refills with air, oxygen and diluent, sophnolime.


During the low season (October 1st – April 1st) midweek accommodation (Monday-Thursday) is free. Shared apartment, use of kitchen, linen.

*** On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the discounted price is 30 euros per night per person.

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