diving argentario:

The diving center is located along the lovely seafront of Porto Ercole, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, just a few meters away from our boats. We are in the southern part of Monte Argentario.

Since 2006 Argentario Divers has been a landmark for those who dive along the coasts of Argentario, Giannutri and Giglio Islands.

Our diving center is quite large, with reception, dressing room, toilet and hot shower, storage shelves for your equipment, cabinets with lockers.

We meet the needs of divers at every level of experience.

What we do

Our diving center is open all year long and we offer all-round service: full day, guided dives and technical dives. And more… recreational, technical and professional courses, snorkeling tours.

For those who want to spend some days diving, we organize “Blue Weeks” too.

We are proud to be the first UTD Instructor Training Center in Italy, and we wait for you to dive with us.


Ampia scelta di attrezzatura a noleggio ricreativa e tecnica in configurazione DIR.

  • 200 bombole bi-attacco da 10, 12, 15 e 18 litri
  • 20 bi bombola
  • 40 decompressive e stage di fondo, complete imbrago ed erogatore
  • 10 bombole configurate sidemount
  • 25 attrezzature ricreative complete
  • 5 attrezzature tecniche
  • 3 kit side mount
  • 10 bombolini per rebreather
  • 10 bombolini stagna
  • 10 bombole di bail out
  • Sofnolime e banco test sensori di ossigeno

Grazie alla collaborazione con le principali aziende del settore abbiamo a disposizione per essere testati in acqua:

  • mute stagne SANTI con sottomuta e riscaldatori
  • illuminatori XDIVE
  • scooter subacquei SUEX

Laboratorio riparazione attrezzature

Laboratorio manutenzione, revisione attrezzatura e assistenza prodotti Suex, Scubapro, Cressi, Scubaforce, Scubatec.

Service Center Suex abilitato alla revisione degli scooter Suex di livello s1, s2 ed s3.

Service Center SF2, abilitato alla manutenzione del rebreather SF2.

Ricarica, noleggio e analisi gas

Ricarica e noleggio bombole oil free, nitrox, ossigeno e trimix.

Why choose to
dive with us?


Expert scuba divers are waiting for you to dive together!
Simone Nicolini
Stefania Mensa

Alessandro Brandetti

Gloria Ferranti
Lorenzo Bonemei
Paolo Fontana
Simone Nicolini
Stefania Mensa

Alessandro Brandetti

Lorenzo Bonemei
Paolo Fontana
Gloria Ferranti


Ecco tutte le nostre imbarcazioni pensate per l’attività subacquea!


Diving boat designed for scuba diving activities, fast and spacious, 17 meters long and equipped with 2 new generations John Deere 550 HP engines. Ideal for full day trips, with on board lunch and open bar.

Don Diego De La Vega

Rubber boat Master 8.5 Meters, SUZUKY 250 CV engine, fully set up for diving, used for mini full day, single and technical dives.


Rubber boat Lomac 7.5 meters, SUZUKY 250 CV engine, set up for diving, ideal for single and technical dives.

Underwater Works

In partnership with other local businesses, we carry out underwater work in the Monte Argentario area, the islands of Giannutri and Giglio.

In addition to the normal recreational activities of diving, we take care of underwater works in the Monte Argentario area, research and recovery activities, demolition and construction of maritime works, laying and maintenance of underwater pipelines, laying and setting up of floating moorings.

Recovery of stranded anchors and chains, search and recovery of sunken boats.

We aim to provide high quality products and services by devising advanced technological solutions, capable of enhancing the operational production of the yard, optimizing the technical and economic advantages in compliance with safety standards.

These objectives are achieved thanks to the competence of the staff made up of qualified professionals and technicians.

Underwater Construction

Underwater cutting and welding (Broco collet)

Search and recovery

Search and recovery of stranded anchors Giannutri

Search and recovery of stranded anchors in Argentario

Surveys and underwater photogrammetry

Installation of floating systems

Underwater drilling

Underwater demolition

Underwater sorption

Maritime works

Subsea pipeline installation and maintenance

Submarine cable installation

Naval and underwater salvage and demolition

Underwater planing

Underwater consolidation

Arrangement, installation and commissioning of fixed moorings

Underwater and Maritime works for boats and port shps

  • Inspections, monitoring, preparation and mooring maintenance
  • Installation of floating docks
  • Inspection of hulls, shafts, propellers and moorings
  • Naval maintenance
  • Cleaning hulls, axles, rudders and propellers
  • Replacement of anodes and propellers
  • Recovery of anchors, chains and moorings in the Argentario area, Giannutri and Giglio islands
  • Assistance and recovery of damaged boats in the Argentario area, the islands of Giannutri and Giglio

Special unserwater works and services

  • Logistic technical support and entertainment services
  • Medical-scientific and biological research projects
  • Services for underwater archaeology
  • Logistic technical support and services for geology

edilizia subaquea

Lavori subacquei e marittimi per imbarcazioni e navi da diporto

Lavori e servizi subacquei speciali

Filling station

Our trimix and mixes filling station has been designed in collaboration with Matteo Amadori of Martin Sub Roma and Bauer Italy.

We feature a Bauer PE700 compressor with a BKOOL cooling system for air fills, an L&W 450 compressor for nitrox and trimix mixes and another L&W 450 onboard the ABRACADABRA boat.

We can also fill pure gases up to 200 bar of pressure thanks to 2 booster pumps provided by the MPS company.

Thanks to our additional filtering pipelines we can guarantee all the mixes we produce are oil-free, water-free and fully safe.

A Multigas Deox gas analyzer interfaced with the compressors is always reading in real time the values of Oxygen, Helium, CO, CO2, humidity and temperature.

If these values are outside our acceptable ranges the compressors shut down automatically.


The mixes are blended only within the limitations of the diver’s certification and only for strictly personal use.

When a customer collects the filled tanks they are required to analyze the mix, personally fill in the refill sticker and apply it on the tank and fill in and sign the gas fill ledger.

IMPORTANT: tanks that have their test date expired WILL NOT BE FILLED.

For mixes other than air a 24 hours notice is required.