Relitto Anna Bianca (Wreck Anna Bianca)

Type of Dive

The wreck of the Anna Bianca today lies at a depth of between 33 and 52 meters on a white sand seabed. The stern part is still well preserved, while the central part of the ship is now completely destroyed. The bow is about 52 meters deep.

The wreck rests on the starboard side, on a sandy bottom at about forty meters which slopes westward to over fifty meters deep. The wreck is not penetrable as the structures are collapsed and full of electric cables and lines. In the captain’s cabin it is easy to see huge conger eels and large red scorpionfish.

Among the twisted metal sheets it is easy to come across large forkbeards and lobsters and whole colonies of prawns.

The wreck is footed before the dive and the descent takes place on the top of the footing.

Our suggestion is to go up along the wall, in order to prolong the dive and enjoy the ascent on the landslide full of life.

relitto Anna Bianca, vista di poppa