Type of Diving

Near Porto Santo Stefano, the Argentarola is famous for its wall covered in red gorgonians, interspersed with small branches of coral, the paramuricee cave is beautiful, covered with parazoantus and gorgonians, it creates various ravines, which have become dens for forkbeards and groupers.

When visibility is particularly good, snapper, barracuda and bonito can be seen hunting. And that’s not all: for cave enthusiasts, in addition to a small cave with an air bubble, there is one on this island that has proved to be fundamental for the study of sea level trends: the Grotta Grande dell’ Argentarola. Already in the first chamber you can admire stalactites and stalagmites, the more experienced will be able to reach a second chamber with visibility close to zero due to the sedimentary seabed which creates suspended clouds at the slightest movement.