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Refilling Station


The station has been realized thanks to the cooperation of Matteo Amadori of Martin Sub in Rome.
One Bauer compressor is used for air refilling while one Lenhardt & Wagner compressor is dedicated to Nitrox and Trimix refilling.
Thanks to extra filter panels, all the gasses passing through the station are Purified. This means they are clean from pollutants such as oil, oil vapors, humidity and similar.
A Deox multiple gas analyzer, provided by Martin Sub, is linked to the compressors and analyzes immediately Oxygen, Helium, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, relative humidity, absolute humidity and gas temperature values.
If they differ from tolerable ones, the compressors shut down immediately.


The mixtures are refilled according to the license limits and only for personal use. The owner of the refilled tanks must analyze the gas on his own, fill in the adhesive to put on the tanks and the filling register.
An Oxygen/Helium/CO analyzer is always available. Tanks are charged at the maximum operative pressure and signed with tape on the tank ogive.
NOTE: tanks without valid hydrostatic test will not be charged.


Single tank refill 200/250 bar
Double tank refill 200/250 bar
Tank refill up to 50% Nitrox
Trimix refill – Helium per cubic meter price
Oxygen refill – Oxygen per cubic meter price

Fixed cost for recharging mixtures

€ 5,00
€ 10,00
€ 10,00
€ 25,00
€ 8,00

€ 5,00

For any information contact our refilling center
Simone: (+39) 339 6913347

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