Dry Suit


Finally dry! You will learn how to use a dry suit, learn about the different types of dry suits and how to do basic repairs and maintenance.

Course duration: 1 day

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Would you like to dive all year round forgetting the cold?

The dry suit insulates you from the water and allows you to enjoy the pleasure of diving even in the coldest periods. Diving on the Argentario in winter is amazing!

Argentario Divers is SANTI test center, wetsuits and undersuits are available in all sizes. Call us to book your test.

Includes: dry suit and under suit rental, theoretical and practical lessons in the water.

The cost of diving is not included. Certification is not included.


You will learn about different types of dry suits and you will be able to choose the one that best suits you and the type of diving you do.

You will learn how to put on and take off your wetsuit correctly, you will learn how to control buoyancy and you will know all the procedures for using it safely. Finally you will learn how to take care of your dry suit.

Course duration: 1 day

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