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Becoming a UTD Instructor is one of the most exciting journeys you can take, yet it is extremely challenging. Challenging, but not impossible.

Course duration: 8 days

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To adequately prepare to consistently teach UTD instruction we require that everyone, regardless of any previous instructor assessment courses they may have taken, take an entry-level course called the UTD Instructor Development Course (IDC) and then be assessed by our Training Advisory Board (TAB). You can then progress to become a technical instructor, for obstructed environments, wreck or rebreather diving.


You will teach divers how to become “conscious members of a team”.

You will be a UTD Scuba Diving Coach.

You will introduce divers to the latest UTD/DIR teaching methodology, philosophy, and skills.

You’ll get the most up-to-date instructor materials, including a comprehensive “Playbook” covering every course and skill.

You will work to the highest standards and most precise procedures in the industry.

You will be a leader in the diving community and belong to an ever growing community of UTD/DIR divers.

You will be supported by UTD headquarters that respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our students and instructors.

You will train future explorers for new UTD projects and adventures.

Most importantly, you will enjoy teaching and immersing yourself.

The complete path

To begin your journey with the UTD IDC you must first ensure you meet the prerequisites listed below. Then you need to complete each of the following steps:

An interview with the UTD director of education or UTD CEO.

Participation in any UTD class – UTD IDC Prep is preferred, however UTD Essentials or higher is acceptable.

Study your online course materials and academics.

Attend a UTD IDC in person with any UTD instructor.

Obtain final assessment and approval from the Training Advisory Board.

Start your teaching and never stop learning!

Preparation for the IDC

While you will handle much of the preparation for the IDC yourself, UTD is available anytime to guide you, answer questions, and discuss programs. You must complete online classes and tests for each course you intend to teach, study the standards and procedures, the Student and Diver Procedures Manual, and the Instructor Manual.

The Instructor Handbook is the single most important element of the UTD Instructor Materials. It details how to teach critical skills at each level, and outlines how these skills are applied to each UTD certification course. It also includes methodology on simulating failures, the positioning of instructors when teaching critical skills, and the outcome to be expected from students for each simulated failure.

Attached to the instructor manual are videos detailing how to teach dry drills, i.e. the personal and critical skills seen and discussed on the surface.

Prerequisites for accessing the IDC:

Prerequisites to become a UTD Open Water Instructor or UTD Foundational Instructor are: Be a Divemaster with any recognized diving agency, have at least 200 logged dives, and have taken the UTD Preparation Course or UTD Essential of Rec / Tech or any other UTD course top level.

You must be a minimum of 19 years of age.

You must be able to swim at least 425 meters in less than 400 minutes without stopping.

You must be able to swim a distance of at least 21 meters while holding your breath.

Divemaster certification with a recognized certification agency.

You must be certified Rescue or equivalent.

You must have current Emergency Department, CPR, and AED/O2 Provider certification (obtained within the last two years).

You must have taken a UTD Instructor Preparation course, or the UTD Essential Rec/Tech course, or any other higher level UTD course.

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