Recreational 2


The Recreational 2 course is the natural continuation of the Recreational 1 course. The patent is able to dive to a depth of 30 meters and use NITROX 32.

Course duration: 4 days

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Deep dives, night dives, nitrox dives, are just some of the new underwater adventures that await you.

The patent ability to a depth of 30 meters and the use of NITROX 32.

Includes: course material, certification and dives.


What you’ll learn

The course is modular and teaches how to deal with the problems that can occur in the most demanding dives and how to manage them (such as regulator and tap failures, the launch of the foot, the sharing of gas, ascents with decompression stops), but the techniques necessary to safely complete night dives, those at depths up to 30 meters (Deep module), the use of Nitrox and the management of underwater navigation are also addressed.


The course includes at least 32 hours of theory and practice in the water, spread over at least 4 days.

How it’s done

The course is divided into two sections and some modules. The first section is about personal critical skills. The second section is divided into four modules:

Nitrox (use of enriched mixes), Deep (extension up to 40 meters depth), Navigation (navigation with and without compass) and Night (night diving).

In-water exercises

The exercises in the water are videotaped so that the students can visually check their behavior and learn to self-evaluate. Dives with decompression and in obstructed environments (caves or wrecks) are excluded.

What to expect

  • The course aims to train competent divers who can, in complete safety, carry out recreational dives (without decompression obligations)
  • Up to 30 meters (Deep module). Students acquire an excellent level of situational awareness, of the team and of the equipment, at everything
  • advantage of safety, dive management and respect for the underwater environment.
  • Requirements
  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • Hold UTD Recreational Certification 1 or equivalent
  • Have made at least 25 dives after obtaining the Open Water certification
  • Be able to swim at least 15 meters while holding your breath
  • Know how to swim at least 275 meters in less than 14 minutes without stopping

Necessary equipment

  • Full rig UTD/DIR style in single tank configuration
  • Backmout (rear) or Sidemount (side).
  • Optional extensions
  • Sidemount (if the course was carried out in Backmount configuration)
  • Backmount (if the course was carried out in Sidemount configuration)
  • Dry suit

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