First level in professional diving. Working with the instructor you’ll learn to improve your diving ad rescue skills, to anticipate and solve many problems.

Course duration: 8 days


The Dive Master candidate will help the instructor during the courses and guide the dives.

It includes: training material, certification, dives.


The Divemaster Course teaches you to be a dive leader, through teorical lessons, exercises in the water and practical evaluations. You’ll get the ability to manage diving activities.


  • The role of a Divemaster in the diving industry
  • Supervision of the diving activities
  • Safety of the diver
  • The programs that can be led by a Dive Master
  • Diving business and carrer
  • Underwater environment awareness
  • Managing of a dive
  • Dive map of a dive site
  • Dive briefing
  • Managing of a search and recovery project and of a deep dive
  • Leading a scuba review and skin diver course
  • Leading a Discover Scuba Diving course and a Discover Local Diving course.

Thanks to the Dive Master Course you could get school credit: ask your instructor how.

Course duration: 8 days