Secca di Punta Secca (Shoal of Punta Secca)

Type of Dive

A perfect diving spot for all certification levels. The “hat” of the shoal already starts from a depth of 2 meters, and there you are enveloped by groups of damselfish and saddled bream, and by their fry that use the shoal as a shelter. The whole shoal is full of dens of small lobsters, scorpion fish, octopuses. It is easy to spot small and large groupers and a couple of St. Peter’s fish wandering around the top of the mooring buoy. Moving away then you reach the real wall, also full of life. Dentex and amberjack can be encountered at all depths. Curly melon and astrospartus. It is one of the most interesting and full of life dives on the island of Giannutri. Also suitable for technical diving, in addition to the sand numerous boulders covered with Lytocarpia myriophyllum, often confused with the black coral, Antipathella subpinnata.

secca di punta secca