Relitto del Nasim II (Wreck of the Nasim II)

Type of Dive

The descent on the stern of the wreck allows you to reach the propellers which certainly deserve a few shots. We then go down the side of the ship in the direction of the bow, following the shape of the wreck until we arrive in the area where the command bridge rests on the sand. Easy to see a row of still intact portholes, a beautiful foghorn, and many, many lobsters. We fin along the deck exploring the deck structures and looking inside the dashboard where a conger eel and some grouper peep out. There are few openings through which it is possible to enter Nasim II, and even in those cases it is absolutely not recommended to do so: these are blind rooms, cluttered with dangling electric wires and a thousand objects in which to get entangled.

After the bridge, going towards the bow, we meet other cars resting on the sand around 60 meters away, it is worth stopping in this area to observe the gash in the keel that was created at the moment of the impact. At this point the return is easy, we retrace the high side of the ship paying attention to the multitude of nudibranchs, clavelines, squid eggs, flabellums and taking a look in the blue where it is possible to see dentex, amberjack and sunfish, just like those of the video.

P.S.: If you already know the wreck and have already counted every single bolt, you can start looking for the keys in the dashboard of one of the many cars in the “car park”!

P.P.S.: If you’ve already found the keys too, then it’s time to change direction; the wreck is the perfect starting point for some of the most beautiful technical dives on the island!