DPV Scooter 1


This course deals with the essential topics of diving with an underwater scooter (DPV, dive propulsion vehicle, tow), how to behave in case of breakdowns and malfunctions when using a scooter in a real context.

Course duration: 2 days

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Includes: course materials, certification, diving and scooter rental.


What you’ll learn

In addition to riding technique, the core skills are centered around improving buoyancy control and alertness while riding the scooter, communication with the team while riding the scooter, buoyancy control as well as risk assessment associated with the scooter and planning an efficient scooter dive.

Scooter maintenance and care and techniques for properly balancing the weight and adjusting the towing line will also be considered.


The course takes place over two days.

How it’s done

The course includes theory lessons and four dives. The maximum depth is 30 meters and the gas used is Nitrox 32, if the student has the Nitrox certification. The course can be carried out with both single and double tanks, according to the student’s certification. The exercises in the water are videotaped so that the students can visually check their behavior and learn to self-evaluate. Decompression dives in stages and in obstructed environments (caves or wrecks) are excluded. Student to instructor ratio should not exceed 6:1. The instructor could reduce the number of students in particular environmental conditions.

What to expect

Lots of fun… but not only that, the Scooter course also prepares divers to deal with the critical aspects related to the use of the scooter (breakdowns, problems with the propeller, flooding, etc.), increasing their awareness by reducing the stress and risks of diving.


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Recreational 2 certificate (Advanced Diver) or equivalent
  • Minimum 25 logged dives
  • Necessary equipment
  • Standard UTD equipment
  • Tow behind type scooter
  • Dragging accessories (carabiner, line, etc.)

Note: Before the start of the course, participants must ensure that they have the right equipment. To avoid errors, contact a UTD representative before proceeding with any purchase or rental.