Secca di Mezzo Canale

Type of Diving

Diving in Mezzo Canale is one of the most beautiful and fascinating in the Mediterranean.

Positioned exactly in the center of the channel between the island of Giannutri, the island of Giglio and the Argentario promontory, close to the 100-metre bathymetric, in a very particular area due to its geological conformation.

A mountain that rises from 100 meters up to 25 meters, with steep walls up to 50-60 meters, to continue the race towards the abyss more gently, forming splendid landslides of boulders. The cap of the shoal is the sighting point for large pelagics that often wander around in search of smaller prey.

After the bathymetry of 35-40 meters, the large gorgonians and the beautiful encrusting sponges take over the bare rock.

Among the large fans rest gorgonian stars and bream, grouper, lobster and everything that can be found in the Mediterranean are hidden. Around 50 meters the most unpredictable encounters usually take place…large groupers that wander among the branches of gerardia savaglia, melon sea urchins, pencil sea urchins.

The mid-channel dive is certainly unforgettable, not to be underestimated due to the often strong current and the possibility of free ascent with reel and balloon.

In the realm of Astrospartus Mediterraneus (gorgon star) walking among gorgonians (paramuricea clavata), antipathella subpinnata (black coral), gerardia savaglia (false black coral), pennatule (sea feathers), the shoal of Mezzo Canale is a natural heritage to be preserved.