Tech 2


Il corso Technical 1 è il primo corso di immersione tecnica di UTD ed è pensato per preparare i subacquei ad affrontare l’immersione tecnica e farli familiarizzare con l’uso di varie miscele respiratorie (25/25, 21/35 o 18/45), l’uso di una sola bombola decompressiva con la possibilità di scegliere tra due miscele (Nitrox 50 o O2 100%) e vari modi per gestire due immersioni tecniche in un solo giorno.

Durata corso: 4/5 giorni



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How long does it last

The course lasts four to five days (from 9:30 AM to 7 PM), and upon registration on the UTD website, you will receive a Dropbox link to download the demonstration videos, tables, slides, and articles, all in Italian.

Technical 1

The Technical 1 course is UTD’s first technical diving course designed to prepare divers for technical diving and familiarize them with the use of various breathing mixtures (25/25, 21/35, or 18/45), the use of a single decompression tank with the option to choose between two mixtures (Nitrox 50 or O2 100%), and various ways to manage two technical dives in one day.

This course uses helium to minimize narcosis and meticulously explores the use and benefits of using a single decompression tank.


Maximum depth is 48 meters, with a single decompression tank and, if the extension is applied (included in the course price), a single stage tank. The maximum decompression time using 100% oxygen is limited to one oxygen cycle (15 minutes), and the maximum decompression time using Nitrox 50 is 30 minutes.


  1. Adhere to the general UTD requirements described in Section 1.6
  2. Minimum age of 21 years
  3. Have completed at least 75 dives after Open Water certification
  4. UTD Essentials certification with Tech extension, UTD Recreational 2 with Doubles Mini extension (twin tank), or Techreational, or equivalents subject to evaluation.
  5. Able to swim at least 365 meters in under 14 minutes or at least 550 meters in 18 minutes with mask and fins.
  6. Able to swim at least 15 meters underwater without fins.
  7. Able to tow a fully equipped buddy on the surface for at least 10 minutes
  8. All participants must demonstrate the rescue of a buddy simulating oxygen toxicity.
  9. Any medication use must be authorized by a doctor before the course starts (excluding contraceptive pills).

Course Content

The UTD Technical 1 course is usually held over 4-5 days and includes a minimum of 32 hours of instruction dedicated to teaching the practical aspects of technical diving, the use of Trimix, and decompression mixtures, including history, physics, physiology, tables, and other technical considerations.

Initial dives will be conducted in shallow water to check students’ preparation level, correct exercise execution flaws, and teach emergency resolution techniques. The last two dives are reserved for experience dives and must be performed at a maximum depth of 48 meters.

Required Equipment

Each student should have and be well-acquainted with the following equipment:

  1. All equipment described in paragraph 3.0
  2. An AL40 decompression tank (approximately 6 liters).
  3. An AL80 stage tank (11 liters) if the relevant extension is desired.
  4. A primary reel with at least 60 meters of line for each team

The course price is 1000.00 euros + 200.00 euros diving fee + 99 dollars for UTD educational materials.

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