This course prepares and trains the diver for deep dives using appropriate techniques and breathing mixes that contain Helium.

Duration coruse: 2 days


What you will learn

During this course students will use a single or twin tank configuration and will learn how to manage potential failures, how to help a distressed or injured diver, how to use Nitrox and Helitrox to extend the bottom time. Helium mixes will be introduced to reduce nitrogen narcosis and post-dive nitrogen stress, as well as decompression techniques and related planning softwares.

Included: Training material, certification and dives. Gases are not included.

Course duration

The course entails at least 48 hours of training between theory and practice in the swimming pool or other confined water body, and open water dives, distributed over the course of at least 6 days.

Course program

  • The course is split into four modules:
  • Rescue and Emergency procedures
  • Guideline primer (critical skill to manage a single guide line)
  • Surveying and Recovery
  • Helitrox (helium-based breathing mix)

The course includes swimming pool exercises, open water dives up to 39 meters using a breathing mix of 25/25 Helitrox.

In-water exercises

Exercises in the water are recorded so that students can re-watch themselves and inspect their behaviour, learning to self-evaluate. Dives with mandatory decompression or obstructed environments (caves and wrecks) are not part of the course and are excluded from this training.

What to expect

This is the highest level recreational course (without decompression obligations) that teaches how to dive on a per-team and per-objective basis, how to look for and recover objects, how to lay a line, how to rescue an injured diver, how to dive with UTD standard mixes including Helitrox 25/25. The use of a helium mix will make clear how these mixes are a great help when diving below 30 meters of depth (100 feet).


  • 18 years of age or more
  • Being UTD Recreational 2 certified or equivalent
  • Being in possession of a Nitrox UTD or equivalent certification
  • 50 dives after the Recreational 2 certification
  • Being able to swim underwater for at least 15 meters on a single breath hold
  • Being able to swim with any style for at least 275 meters in less than 14 minutes without stopping

Required equipment

  • Complete UTD/DIR equipment in single-tank configuration
  • Backmount or Sidemount configuration

Optional Extensions

  • Sidemount (if the course was taught in backmount configuration)
  • Backmount (if the course was taught in sidemount configuration)

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