The course is intended for aspiring divers willing to learn how to dive safely and comfortably up to a depth of 18 meters (70 feet).

Discover the beauty of our seas in a fun way that is respectful of the underwater environment. The UTD Rec 1 certification is accepted all over the world

Course duration: 4 days


Included: training material, equipment rental, certification and dives


What you will learn

The course encompasses theory (physics and physiology of diving, dive planning and the study of different underwater environments), practical lessons (equipment configuration, buoyancy control, trim, finning and swimming techniques), exercises and safety protocols (emptying a flooded mask, air sharing with another diver and delayed surface marker buoy deployiment)

The course teaches how to become a safe divers that also respects the environment.

The UTD/DIR standard that is employed throughout the course provides the students with the highest teaching standards.

Course Duration

The Recreational 1 UTD course is conducted over the course of 4 days, totalling 24 hours of theory, confined water and open water exercises.

Course program

This is a complete course with a simple and intuitive structure. All skills and abilities are first practiced in confined waters before they are performed in open waters. These skills include snorkeling techniques, buoyancy control, trim (inclination of the diver in the water), propulsion, the six basic skills, air sharing and safety and rescue procedures.

In-water exercises

Exercises in the water are recorded so that students can re-watch themselves and inspect their behaviour, learning to self-evaluate. Dives with mandatory decompression or obstructed environments (caves and wrecks) are not part of the course and are excluded from this training. The ratio of students to instructor must not exceed 6 to 1, the instructor might reduce the number of students for various reasons or in specific environments.

What to expect

In a few days you’ll take your first steps in the wonders of the underwater environment and learn the basic techniques to dive safely and enjoy this amazing world.


  • 16 years of age or more
  • Being able to swim underwater for at least 15 meters on a single breath hold
  • Being able to swim with any style for at least 185 meters in less than 14 minutes without stopping
  • Being able to float for at least 10 minutes

Required configuration

  • Single tank configuration, either backmount or sidemount
  • Primary regulator with 150 or 210 centimeters hose
  • Secondary regulator with bungee collar
  • BCD (buoyancy compensation device) with back wing, backplate and harness
  • Depth gauge
  • Timer
  • Fins and mask
  • A cutting tool
  • A spool with 30 meters of line
  • A closed DSMB (delayed surface marker buoy)
  • Appropriate suit for the training environment

Note: all the required equipment can be rented or purchased at the Diving Center. Before buying any equipment please consult with your instructor.

Optional Extensions

  • Sidemount (if the course was taught in backmount configuration)
  • Backmount (if the course was taught in sidemount configuration)
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Drysuit

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